How to get a Bike

Need a bike? We are happy to help!


1200 Johnson Road, Golden CO 80401,

The Bike Shop is set well back from the road in the building north of the school. Just south of the Tennis courts and soccer fields.


Tuesday afternoon:  1 – 5 p.m. 
Thursday afternoon: 1 – 5 p.m.
second Saturday of the month: 1 – 5 p.m.


The number and type of bikes of repaired and ready on any given day varies, as we are an all-volunteer shop and very busy trying to meet demand.  Typically, we have between 10-15 adult bikes ready, and some children’s bikes.  You may need to stop by more than once to find the type and size you need.


Bike cost varies depending on the bike, the brand and its condition.

  • Some adult bikes are priced as low as $40. Typically, many adult bikes are priced between $50 – $150. A higher-end brand model donated in good condition may be priced at $200 or more, and is used as a fundraiser.  
  •  Children’s bikes begin at $10.

A bicycle is available to anyone who wants one, even at no cost if you can’t afford one!
All money the shop receives pays for parts, rent, insurance, taxes and tools.


The Golden Optimists provide bicycles to:

Students – Families – Kids – Veterans – Refugees
Anyone who needs a bicycle – for work, school, errands, recreation!

See pictures of our bikes and a few of our happy customers!


The Golden Optimists bicycle recycle program was involved in the following programs in 2022:

  • 19 bikes given to Christian Action Guild’s Santa’s Workshop
  • 43 bikes Golden Rotary Club/Calgary Church Christmas Program
  • 151 bikes International Refugee Committee

In 2022 we have done a couple of “Bike to School” events in the Golden area.


2022 figures
Donated bicycles:
Repaired bicycles to customers: 489