How to get a Bike

Need a bike? We are happy to help!

To get a bike, please visit our bike shop at 1200 Johnson Road, Golden CO 80401, open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 – 5 p.m. , and the second Saturday of the month. We are in the building next to the school.   The number and type of bikes of repaired and ready on any given day varies, as we are an all-volunteer shop and very busy trying to meet demand.  Typically, we have between 10-15 adult bikes ready, and some children’s bikes.  You may need to stop by more than once to find the type and size you need. We ask for a $25 for a regular repaired adult bike ($10 for child’s), we have some high quality and/or unique bikes for which we ask a higher price.  The monies the shop receives for bikes goes to parts, pay rent, insurance, taxes and for tools.

A bicycle is available to any customer who wants one, supplies vary depending on availability of volunteers to fix bikes and incoming bike donations. There is no means testing. Come to the shop during the posted hours and meet with a volunteer to get a bike.Directions/Contact us

CUSTOMERS. The Golden Optimists provide bicycles to students, families, kids, and anyone who needs a bicycle. In August, we are swamped with fulfilling the bicycle needs of international students from the Colorado School of Mines, and proudly display a world map where our customers mark their country of origin. Other customers this past year included homeless and veterans who need bicycles for transportation, and trade-ins for kids who have outgrown their bicycles. Customer service improvements include a very accessible location and the addition of a Facebook Account.  We have received a number of letters from people who are grateful for their bicycles.

See pictures of our bikes and a few of our happy customers!


In addition to the customers listed above, the Golden Optimists bicycle recycle program was also involved in the following programs in 2019:

  • Navajo Nation service trip. The Golden Optimists delivered 34 repaired bicycles to the Navajo Nation and to the Hopi Tribe in Arizona in April, and stayed on the reservation a couple of days to repair bicycles for local people. The bicycles donated were fitted with thorn-resistant tire liners. The club rented a large van and 2 members traveled to Arizona for this project.
  • 6 addaptive bikes toEveritt Middle School for special needs
  • 35 bikes given to Christian Action Guild’s Santa’s Workshop
  • 15 bikes Calgary Church Christmas Program

See pictures from our Navajo Nation service trip:

NUMBERS. The Bicycle Recycle Program tracked bicycles in and out.  In 2019 over 470 repaired bicycles went out of the shop. The difference between the count of bicycles in (790) is due to a number of reasons; overflow bicycles (no room in shop or shed) are given directly to other community bicycle programs without repair (280), some bikes (50) are in such poor condition they go to scrap (we salvage parts and work with metal recyclers to recycle as much as possible).